How Much Money Is Emily Fernandez Net Worth?

How Much Money Is Emily Fernandez Net Worth?

If you’re wondering how much Emily Fernandez net worth, you’ve come to the right place. She’s had many relationships, including her relationship with rapper Dreadz 448. This article also discusses her son, who was born with Achondroplasia. To learn more about Fernandez’s personal life, read on! Also, check out her relationship with Lionel Johnson and her son’s medical condition.

Emily Fernandez’s son was born with Achondroplasia.

The star has been in and out of relationships and is currently single, though she is planning a new family. She previously gave birth to a son with Achondroplasia during a two-year relationship with Lionel Johnson. The couple welcomed a son named Lontel Johnson Jr. in April 2016, but unfortunately, the child suffered from Achondroplasia and died three months later. Emily Fernandez’s Net Worth and Johnson subsequently decide to use IVF to conceive another child. They had two unsuccessful IVF procedures but were ultimately successful.

The actor, the Right Cheek, was born with a rare condition. After losing her adoptive mother, Emily Fernandez moved to Atlanta, Georgia. She later worked with the rapper Dreadz 448, founder of Never Forget Loyalty Records. In 2017, Fernandez and Dreadz recorded a track called “Achondroplasia: A Common Cause of Low-Body Growth.

Since the news broke, Fernandez has released several solo songs and music videos. She has also collaborated with Amanda Salinas on “Project X.” The album received a lot of traffic and is available on Spotify and iTunes. Her music videos are posted to a YouTube channel she shares with her long-time friend and collaborator, Bri Barlup.

After the birth of her daughter, Fernandez’s second child was diagnosed with Achondroplasia.

Despite a healthy pregnancy, the condition made the baby’s birth even more dangerous. As a result, doctors recommend having a child with Achondroplasia at least nine months before conception. The actor and singer decided to share the news with her fans, posting photos of the baby boy’s life.

Despite her painful experience, Fernandez has never let the achondroplasia diagnosis stop her from achieving her personal goals. As a surfer, she has also been able to compete in the U.S. Open of Surfing and is involved in a real estate business with her father. The entrepreneur, who shares her late mother’s last name, has accumulated $1 million in the bank as she nears her twenty-first birthday. They acquired the money through a family trust fund.

Although it was difficult to imagine having another child, Emily wanted another baby with the same father as her late son. Still, She told her that she wouldn’t be able to have another baby without Lontel’s sperm. Lionel was a good sport, agreeing to be a sperm donor but not be a part of the child’s life. The couple decides to try IVF to conceive a second child. Despite the risks, the procedure worked, and Emily was able to choose the gender of her baby.

Achondroplasia is a condition that affects 1 in every 40000 newborn babies. The condition causes the child to be on a short limb. Although the disease can cause various symptoms, it is not fatal. While Zayne Fernandez’s son was born with the disorder, his sister Sara was not affected by it. After she and her adoptive parents adopted her, Emily grew up in a loving family.

Emily Fernandez’s relationship with rapper Dreadz 448

The Dallas-based rap artist, Dreadz 448 and actress Emily Fernandez Net Worth are currently dating. Fernandez is the daughter of an adoptive family and has three children. The couple has been together for four months and has collaborated on a track and video called “Lifetime.”

Before Fernandez’s relationship with Dreadz 448, the two were close friends. The two had been friends for about seven years before deciding to pursue music careers. They collaborate on a YouTube channel called OFFICIALLCRC. Several of their songs were posted on the track. In 2017, Fernandez and Dreadz 448 reunited and remained friends.
Dreadz 448 and Emily Fernandez released a song called “Lifetime” together. The duo also recorded four other pieces together, including “Lifetime.” Emily Fernandez is a successful media personality with a net worth of $500 thousand. She has worked hard for it, recording three songs with her friend Bri Barlup. Her you tube channel “OFFICIALCRC” has nearly 670,000 subscribers. She has not been paid for her work on her you tube channel.

The couple met on a dating site. Lionel met Emily Fernandez, and they dated for a year.

They had two children together before Emily became pregnant. They marrieds in 2014, but they broke up in June 2016. Although they remain friends, Emily Fernandez’s relationship with Dreadz 448 went through a rough patch as she had more kids. Lionel, the rapper dating Fernandez since 2012, plans to stay close to her upcoming baby.

During the couple’s date, they remained close even after the baby was born. The two had worked together on their new song “Lifetime,” and Emily was a co-star. The rappers did not want to have any more children, but they agreed to donate sperm. Lionel decides not to be in the child’s life. Emily is a single mother now, but she is happy with how things turned out.

Lontel Johnson, aka Lontel Johnson, is Emily Fernandez boyfriend. The two have been dating for four years and appear on many TV shows together. Their relationship with Dreadz 448 is reportedly good, although both have been arrested several times. Their child’s father has multiple arrests. Lionel has also been arrested twice for theft and assault.

Before dating Dreadz 448, Emily Fernandez was in a relationship with rapper Lionel Johnson. The two were together for several years, and some fans hoped they would eventually marry. The couple had a son named Zayne, whose father is Lontel’s cousin. Emily was a dancer before joining the Little Women: Atlanta cast. While working as a dancer with Brianna Barlup, she became a part of the cast. She dances alongside the actress Brianna Barlup as the right Cheek in the movie. Afterward, the two got into an argument with the Tiny twins and broke up.

Emily Fernandez’s relationship with Lionel Johnson

Fans of Little Women may be curious about the new baby girl’s mom-to-be Emily Fernandez Net Worth. Fernandez recently revealed that she is eight months pregnant and is very happy. They conceived her baby through IVF, and she was able to choose the sex of the child. She previously told PEOPLE that she was looking forward to having another baby with her boyfriend, Lionel Johnson.

The first relationship between Emily Fernandez and Lionel Johnson lasted four years. In 2015, Emily Fernandez gave birth to a son named JJ, who sadly passed away on August 5, 2016. The couple later split up, but Emily continued to date Lontel and had a son by him, Zayne Odell Johnson. Emily Fernandez and Lontel have been seen on television together on multiple occasions. However, there is a rumor that Lontel Johnson may have a criminal history. He has been arrested more than once for assault and theft.

Despite their close relationship, Emily Fernandez’s pregnancy with Lionel Johnson was difficult.

The couple’s first child, JJ, was born with a placental problem and suffered seizures. JJ dies three months after his birth. Despite Lionel’s wishes, Emily desperately wants a second child. Eventually, the couple welcomes Zayne two years after JJ’s death.

After their relationship, Emily Fernandez moves to Dallas. She later marrieds rapper Dreadz 448. Emily and Lionel were in a duo called The Cheeks. Emily was the “Right Cheek,” while her partner was called “The Left Cheek.” However, the relationship was short-lived, and Lontel moved back to her home state of Texas. Although the couple remained friends, the relationship between Emily Fernandez’s Net Worth and Lionel Johnson did not last.

While the couple remained friends after their breakup, they were never officially together.

However, Lontel and Emily Fernandez were close before Emily Fernandez’s pregnancy. She was Bri Burlap’s best friend for almost seven years, and they consider each other family. However, their relationship ended abruptly in Winter of 2020, and the two stopped chatting on social media. They subsequently rekindle their friendship and reestablish their relationship. They documented the couple’s relationship with Lontel Johnson on Instagram.

A series of mishaps complicated the relationship between Emily Fernandez and Lontel Johnson. First, they lost their son, Lontel Jr., through IVF. Later, Emily wants to have another child with Lontel, but he refuses. So Emily decided to try IVF and eventually became pregnant. This time, Emily chose the gender of her baby. She selected a boy with Lontel’s sperm.

Her previous relationship with Lontel Johnson was so complicated that she had to end it prematurely. The two met on a dating site. Lontel is her ex-husband, and Emily Fernandez dates him for two years before the breakup. The two had a son named Lontel Johnson, Jr., who was born with dwarfism.

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